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Dealing With Trolls: Comebacks, Replies, Tips And More

Dealing with trolls

Dealing with trolls can be a chore, no doubt. But I’ve got some strategies outlined below so you can game in peace, or even, get back at them.

The first game I ever played online was Warcraft 2. An awesome strategy game that became the spiritual predecessor to the hugely successful Starcraft series. At that time I was only playing with my friends but there was no shortage of banter between all of us. Fast forward almost 25 years and, for some, that banter has turned into toxic bile aimed at bringing everyone down close enough to be in its sights. Dealing with trolls is almost a daily thing, so let me tell you how I deal with them.

So what can we do? Here’s my list of recommendations listed in the priority of what you should do first.

Dealing With Trolls: A Prioritised List Of What To Do

  • Mute, Mute, Mute
  • Return And Report
  • Don’t Feed The Troll
  • Outgun And Outplay (On Opposing Teams)
  • Play The Opposite Game (On The Same Team)
  • Gang Up
  • Use These One-Liners
  • Sympathize Then Back-stab

Mute, Mute, Mute

Pretty self-explanatory this one, but one that a lot of gamers neglect to do. This is by far the best step you could take to, quite literally, drown those trolls out. Nothing is worse than loading into a game lobby and having someone immediately swearing, yelling, abusing and/or enforcing their views, opinions and strategies on everyone else. Mute them at the start, and enjoy your game in peace.

Return And Report

This one is also simple in theory but one that gamers struggle with. Basically, if you’ve identified a troll in the lobby on your team or the opposing team, you leave the game immediately. Once gone, look up the troll’s Gamertag or ID and report them through the correct channels. The tricky thing about this method is that sometimes games take forever to find a lobby. Or, you might be in a ranked game and don’t want to tank your stats. Be that as it may, sometimes it’s just not worth hanging around.

Don’t Feed The Troll

You’ve probably heard this line a million times, that’s because it works. Don’t become antagonized by the ravings of the troll-mad lunatic. Do not engage, do not entertain and do not play into the troll’s arms. Some people out there get off on griefing others. While they see it as a game and a fun way to bully strangers online, you might be taking the game seriously and just want to have fun as it was intended by the developers. So, do not feed the troll.

Outgun And Outplay (On Opposing Teams)

This is where my tips get a little sideways. If you have the skill and the confidence in your own ability to beat the troll in your game… I say go for it. Humiliating the troll (while sounding sadistic) can actually be very gratifying. Trolls are like fires, they grow with fuel. If you take that fuel away and snuff it out, they begin to flounder, wither and eventually die (i.e. rage quit).

Play The Opposite Game (On The Same Team)

If you haven’t followed steps 1 and 2, then you’ve decided to engage with the Troll. Despite my own advice, I’ve done this on numerous occasions. Generally, the Troll will be bossing you around, while hurling abuse and mockery. If you’re playing a BR, then the Troll is probably dead (blaming it on you) and is now spectating you while belittling everything you’re doing to still try and win the game. So, this is where you do the opposite of everything they’re telling you. I’ve gotten great enjoyment out of this technique.

Gang Up

Ganging up on a troll is an excellent way to get them to rage quit. However, this can be a little difficult if the Troll is on your team. It could mean you’ll have to send messages to the opposing team and try and work in unison with them to throw the game or help get the Troll on your team killed/defeated as much as possible.

Use These One-Liners

  • “Less complaining more practicing” Used for when you repeatedly own the troll.
  • “If you knew where I was, why couldn’t you kill me?” Used for when you’re being accused of camping
  • “I think I can hear a ghost talking” Used when a Troll is viewing and abusing you after dying in a battle royal
  • “You should keep practicing until you get good” Used when the troll on your team is lower than you on the scoreboard
  • “If you’re so good why are you playing with people like me instead of pros?” Used for when the Troll is higher than you on the scoreboard
  • “You should coach pro’s, you’re full of excellent advice” Used for when the troll won’t stop giving abusive advice to everyone

Sympathize Then Back-stab

This one is pretty nasty and very situational, so I’m going to “loosely” recommend it. If you’re playing games like Rust, Conan Exiles, BR’s, etc, where there’s a real emphasis on NOT dying at all, them a temp team up and quick back-stab might be an option. Just remember, the goal is to get the Troll to rage quit, and after having a taste of their own medicine they might just do that.

In Closing

I’ve actually encountered a rehabilitated Troll before. He told me his account was banned for using abusive language and that he was really going to make a concerted effort not to be mean to people in the future. So I would say, when it comes to dealing with Trolls, make sure you mute first, then report. Hopefully, they will get banned and change for the better. If not? Then you can always use my other steps.

Good luck gamers! Don’t let the Trolls get to you, make sure you get to them.

Please comment below, and be sure to ask me any questions or share experiences you might have. If you liked this article, you might like “Playing Too Many Video Games? How Much Is Too Much?”

By Izzy Davis | 2019

© 2019

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