Stop Your Husband Playing Too Many Video Games

Husband plaing too many video games

Easy steps to help stop your husband playing too many video games.

In my opinion, my husband was addicted to playing video games, he even said as much at the height of his PUBG binge playing days. I will admit, he’s toned it down to a point we’re both happy with now, but it didn’t come without a few deep conversations and maybe an argument or two. And while he didn’t need to see a specialist or anything like that, we did have to introduce rules to stop him from playing too many video games.

Signs Your Husband Is Playing too Much

“More frequently than I’d like to admit, I’d go to bed all by myself, or I’d take the kids out by myself and I’d had enough.”

So, for me, I was sick of my husband not spending time with myself or my children. More frequently than I’d like to admit, I’d go to bed all by myself, or I’d take the kids out by myself and I’d had enough. The fact he was willing to spend more time talking and playing with his friends online and not myself was frustratingly annoying. I’ve lost count the times I would go upstairs by myself while he would stay downstairs playing games at the end of the night.

If you find yourself resonating with the points below than your husband just might have a problem:

  • You go to bed by yourself
  • His time spent playing takes priority over all else
  • The children get neglected
  • His socialising activities are minimal
  • Spending inordinate amounts of money on in-game transactions (loot boxes)
  • When you ask him to do something while he’s playing, he’ll get the kids to do it for him because he’s “in a game”

These “signs” are all experiences I had to deal with. I’ve got young children and they needed someone other than their Mother to care and nurture for them. My husband just wasn’t helping as much as he should’ve because of video games.

Get On Top Of It Sooner Rather Than Later

To me, it felt like my husband was heading down a slippery slope of gaming. It had to stop. I tried a few things at first, like playing along, watching eagerly, or pretending to be interested. But all in all, I was getting over it. Plus, added to all of this, his friends and family started getting back into video games. This compounded the problem of course and I didn’t see him getting bored of games anytime soon.

I decided to talk to him and let him know exactly how I felt. I told him it wasn’t acceptable for him to be playing games at all times of the night and early morning while I was by myself feeling neglected. Don’t get me wrong, we both love our personal time, but this was getting ridiculous. I told him he needs to cut it back drastically now while he still can.

The Easy Steps You Have To Take

These steps revolve around time management. And just a heads up, they absolutely will not work if your husband is not on board with this. If you find your husband not willing to agree to these steps than his playing addiction is more serious than you might be able to handle by yourself. For those wives out there who fall into this category, try these resources:

husband playing too many video games outdoor rehab

But, if your husband recognises the problem as well as you do and is willing to do something about it, you’re in luck. All you need to do is set rules revolving around time management. That’s all my Husband and I did. Here they are:

  • No playing games on Sundays
  • No playing games after 11 o’clock at night
  • Set these rules and any others together

“His game time has been reduced and we’re reconnecting a lot more. We’re now enjoying each other’s company again.”

Just having these two rules has helped a lot. His game time has been reduced and we’re reconnecting a lot more. We’re now enjoying each other’s company again. There are many times where we’ll just watch T.V together instead of him playing games.

What’s Good For The Husband Is Good For The Kids

Of course these rules go for the kids as well. They absolutely lament not being able to play on Sundays, but it’s been great having that one day dedicated to family time. Whether it’s going to the beach, watching a movie together or going on a lunch, the time we spend together has been great.

Of course my kids are in bed before 11 o’clock each night, but between the time they go to bed and the time my husband and I go to bed, there’s a little quiet time for my husband to play some games if he wants to.

Out Of Love

Some readers might think that I’m too controlling or too restrictive on my husband with setting out these rules, but, I have to say, he was the one who came up with them. I suppose once i highlighted his playing activities were getting ridiculous, he realised that I was right. He then wanted to work with me. This was important, I didn’t want to try and force or coerce him to stop playing games, and I realise that he love doing it and get’s to stay in touch with his friends and family.

To come up with a solution together is the real way to reduce your husband playing too many video games.

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By Danielle Young | 2019

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