Taunting In Yoda’s Voice: Game Gulch Experiences

Taunting in yoda's voice - Halo 2

The game was Halo 2, the map was Zanzibar and the game type was Assault. My Brother and I were playing together online and we were losing…

I’ll never forget how hard I laughed when my brother said it. He was always good at dishing out one-liners, but taunting in yoda’s voice stlye was just gold. And you know, people reading this probably won’t even find it funny. But at the time I thought it was hilarious.

“I’ll never forget how hard I laughed when my brother said it. He was always good at dishing out one-liners, but this one just hit the spot.”

We were in a team of 4, me, my brother and 2 randoms. We were down 2 rounds and looked like losing the third before we managed to pull it back and make it 2:1.

No Private Party Chat Meant Everyone Could Hear Everything…

Now, remember, this was back in the day when Party Chat wasn’t a thing. In Halo 2, they had what was called proximity chat. So if you were within a certain distance from the enemy they could hear you and you could hear them. It was awesome and made for some excellent “banter” between players.

So as I was saying, we clawed it back to 2:1 and then 2:2. Up until this point, the enemy team had been very loud about how good they were and how bad we were. They were using all sorts of colorful language. Of course, this only gave us more determination to beat them and claim the win so we increased our sweatiness 2 fold.

Down To The Wire…

The game was tied up at 2 apiece and you could feel the tension in the air. Our team chatter was serious and focused, to the point you’d think we were playing for our lives. But we were determined.

With the timer counting down, and the result hanging in the balance… the enemy team choked.

Whether it was bad luck or just lack of skill, their bomb carrier got caught out by falling off his perch and landing right in the middle of our zone defense. Needless to say, he died, and the timer ran out making our team victorious.

Taunting In Yoda’s Voice Style. A Match Made In Heaven?

Now the funny part in all of this was the fact that the enemy who died at the end had “Yoda” in his name. It was something like, “1542 Yoda”. Well, 1542 Yoda had been very vocal during the game, calling us out for how bad we were, and how much we sucked, etc, etc.

So, at the time 1542 Yoda died (and subsequently lost the game for his team). My brother delivered one of the best Yoda impressions I’ve ever heard to this day when he simply said; “At Halo 2, a noob I am.”.

taunting in yoda's voice

I cracked up, so did our teammates, so much so, that you could barely hear 1542 Yoda bleep expletives and rage quit.

I still laugh about it today with my brother, “Taunting in Yoda’s voice”. 😂

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By Izzy Davis | 2019

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